Los Angeles is a city (and county!) of renters. Over half of us have landlords, and live in a home owned by someone else. And around a third of us are rent burdened, meaning that the majority of our income goes to rent. That also means that most of us have probably — at some point — had housing woes that are governed by a complicated web of city, state, and federal regulations.

Trying to figure out your rights as a tenant can feel impossible, especially when you’re dealing with an unscrupulous landlord.

Renter’s Hotline is a new project from LA Public Press to help you navigate the mess. It’s a call-in advice segment specifically for tenants. Every so often on our podcast, Smogland Radio, we’ll have one of you on the show to explain a housing situation you need advice on. Occasionally, you may even see your questions answered directly on the website. 

Is your landlord breaking the law? And if they are, how can you get them to obey the law? What’s the best way to organize your building? Who even is your landlord, anyway?

We’ll answer all of these questions and more on Renter’s Hotline. So call or email us with your questions, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You can reach the Hotline at 323-200-9539. Or you can submit your questions here.

Carla is a journalist who lives near — but not in — Hollywood Forever Cemetery. When she's not reporting, she's probably on a long walk in the city.