The best part about voting locally is that you have more say in who you want to be your local decision-makers. Mark your calendars and wear those “I voted” stickers with pride this primary election.

Mail-in voting is already underway in Los Angeles County; mail-in ballots were sent out starting on Feb. 5, and ballot drop-off boxes opened up on Feb. 6. Find the nearest ballot drop-off box to you here.

Here are the next 2024 primary election deadlines you need to know

February 20, 2024: The last day to register online to vote for the March 5th election and receive a mail-in ballot.

After February 20, you can still walk into any LA County vote center and register to vote the same day you vote. If you choose the same-day registration option, you’ll be given a Conditional Voter Registration (CVR) application and once you fill that out, you’ll get a CVR ballot and you’ll complete it like any other ballot. A CVR voter will then give their completed ballot to an election worker. As soon as the CVR application is verified, the ballot gets counted.

Want to avoid all of that? Register online by February 20th, get your mail-in ballot, and fill out your ballot in the comfort of your home.

February 24, 2024: Vote centers open up for early in-person voting

Find your closest vote center here.

March 5, 2024: The last day to vote in person or via a mail-in ballot.

Remember: Civic engagement doesn’t end at the ballot box. Keep up with what your elected officials are doing by following local newsrooms like LA Public Press and organize with other constituents when your elected officials aren’t doing what they said they’d do on the campaign trail, or aren’t addressing your community’s needs.

Mariah is a journalist who can be found at one of LA's many libraries, and supporting local musicians and street vendors.