Genny Guerrero, an El Sereno resident and mother of five, says she has been involved in her community for many years, including participating with the El Sereno Bicentennial Committee and the Community Police Advisory Board for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollenbeck division. She is very involved at All Saints Church, sitting on different committees there, and volunteers with the local fire station. 

The examples of volunteerism she lists on her website are extensive. Among them is coordinating a food distribution program.

Guerrero is self-employed, and has a business called Nonprofit Solutions in which she works with nonprofit organizations helping them with starting up, reinstatements, and training.

Guerrero also worked for a short time as a former council aide in then-14th District Councilmember José Huizar’s office, around 2014 and 2015. She told Boyle Heights Beat that as a senior field deputy there, she witnessed the disconnection between the community and their representative.

You can also find a video statement (transcript) Guerrero made on the City Clerk’s website.

Connections. It’s all about who you know:

Guerrero says her biggest connection is her mother, Violeta Urbina, who is well-known in their community for organizing cleanups, getting a post office and bringing lighting to Huntington Drive.

Guerrero also lists numerous affiliations including with the El Sereno Bicentennial Committee, LA-32 Neighborhood Council, the Police and Business Association of Hollenbeck, various committees at All Saints Church, the Hollenbeck Division police station and its community advisory board, her local neighborhood watch, Fire Station #47, the El Sereno Stallions booster organizer, Comité Navideño, Casa de la Cultura Maya, a Navy wives group, and the Moral Welfare and Recreation organization.

Fundraising: Who is handing out the cash?

Guerrero did not report in the recent filing period. She told LA Public Press their campaign had submitted their filing, but are working out some kinks to get the disclosures up. Her most recent filing is for fundraising as of Jan. 20, with the biggest donation to Guerrero a $150 amount from an acupuncturist. Her funds come from a cashier at a boba tea shop, two people who work at LAUSD, and a tree surgeon for the City of Los Angeles. 

In total she has raised just over $11,000. Most of that – around $9,000 – is listed as unitemized, which is made up of donations less than $100 each. Small donations can be used to qualify for matching funds, which involves submitting documentation to the Ethics Commission about those donations. 

Guerrero’s total raised amount is under $12,857, the minimum amount of donations from people who live in the district, so she would still need to raise more to increase her campaign budget. Guerrero said she is trying to qualify for matching funds, but the company that processes the donations did not include answers to some needed reporting questions, and now she needs to go back to donors to collect the data she needs to submit to the Ethics Commission for review.

Spending inside the Campaign:

The Guerrero campaign’s expenditures, as of Jan. 20, totaled $10,135.75, including spending at Costco and meals at Olive Garden. Guerrero said the Olive Garden spending was on meals for volunteers after a day of canvassing. There was also spending on Google Domains and Office Depot, which were for office expenses.

The rest of Guerrero’s expenditures amounted to $7,500. Those payments are all listed as unitemized, so there is no information given about them. Guerrero said it was mainly for water and snacks for volunteers.

Gifts and income:

Guerrero’s disclosure on gifts and income in 2022 (using the Form 700 Statement of Economic Interest) says she has no reportable interests

Endorsements, and what’s being said about them:

Guerrero has not listed any endorsements on her website. Her positions on different issues can be found on her website’s experience page. She says this is intentional, as she is not accepting any political endorsements.

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