The notorious former city council member Jose Huizar has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for taking millions in bribes from developers, selling out Boyle Heights, downtown LA, and the rest of his district. We went on a field trip to the sentencing, and this week on the show — we’re taking you there. With recordings and analysis from LAPP’s own Nancy Meza, Phoenix Tso, Elizabeth Chou, Mariah Castañeda and Carla Green.

Plus, an exciting update about the future of Smogland Radio.

For more on everything that happened with Huizar and the corruption scandal, check out The Sellout, an investigative podcast that was hosted by audience director Mariah Castañeda, produced by audio director Carla Green, and featured extensive interviews with Smogland Radio’s own host and executive producer, Nancy Meza. 

You can find the wild appendix that Huizar and his lawyers filed with the court, including pages of text messages from Huizar’s former aide George Esparza, here. Thanks to Kim Cooper and Richard Schave of Esotouric Tours, who uploaded the file.